Yoga for children in children’s homes

Yoga helps children find their inner strength. Yoga brings tranquillity and relaxation, helps with proper breathing, and teaches self-focus. Through a flexible body, children harmonise their minds. Yoga is time for oneself, and through enhancing stability helps a person gain courage – the courage to stand by what you say and for your goals.

Children in children’s homes today have enough toys, food and clothing. Help them develop healthy bodies and tranquil minds in their difficult situations. It is often the case that an instructor both helps the children practice yoga and also becomes a guide in the children’s personal development, which is additional added value of this project.

How we help

We find yoga instructors for each children’s home from nearby. The instructor visits the children’s home once a week and practices yoga with the children. We reimburse the instructor’s costs – neither the children nor the children’s home pay anything, as the yoga lessons are free of charge. Each instructor has a unique style of yoga. Yet there is the constant principle that during the yoga practice the children focus on themselves, their breathing, their bodies and their feelings, and not on their performance or what is going on around them.

Supported children’s homes

Every week, we provide yoga practice for more than 220 children in the following towns: Mariánské lázně, Planá, České Budějovice, Radenín, Krásná Lípa, Ledce, Unhošť, Dobřichovice, Senožaty, Zruč n. Sázavou, Humpolec, Ostrava, Nový Jičín, Kroměříž, Černá voda, Přerov, Liptál, Zlín, Valašské Klobouky, Zvíkov, Bojkovice, Jeseník, Semily, Hora Svaté Kateřiny and we continue to arrange more.

Do you know of a children’s home that would like to become involved? Contact us, and we will arrange everything. We believe that through yoga we can sufficiently support this disadvantaged group of children without parents and enable them to enjoy fully-fledged lives in society. We feel that children supported in this way can become part of the bright future of our country.

Let’s gift children the possibility of personal growth.

Please support these children by sending any donation to our transparent account: 2500914385/2010 or through a simple on-line payment below.

Thank you for your generosity.


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Štěpánka Drozdová

Štěpánka Drozdová

Štěpánka is the one who keeps our main projects up and running - Yoga for children in children’s homes. She also enjoys communicating with donors. She is pleased her work makes other peoples’ lives richer and happier.