Yoga and mindfulness into schools

Let’s learn to breathe properly and control our emotions when we are still children, so we will be calmer, more satisfied and healthier in adulthood. The practice of yoga and mindfulness can give all of this to children.

Yoga and mindfulness help teach the ability to fully concentrate and develop balance, and helps acquire stability. The simple techniques bring about consistent improvement in quality of life. Yoga and mindfulness are complements to a wide range of regular children’s activities – complements whose benefits help improve children’s health, psyche and performance. Children learn to relax appropriately and become aware of their own emotions.

"The pupils really enjoy the mindfulness course. It is most appreciated by pupils with confidence issues. They feel more confident. I can say that we were all captivated by mindfulness. It was a wonderful day which, in addition to self-awareness, also contributed to an improvement in the already excellent relationships in the class. This method has made such an impression on me that I even used some exercises at the Christmas party." B. Navrátil, class teacher

Thanks to improved understanding of their feelings, children are better able to understand those of others. They find it easier to see what feelings lie behind certain behaviour patterns. Awareness of your own body is a fantastic springboard to appreciating the quality and pleasure of learning.

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Markéta Černoušková EN

Markéta Černoušková EN

Markéta is a therapist, and in the Foundation, she manages projects, communicates with international partners and also contributes to Public Relations.