Mindfulness into prisons

Mindfulness can help a person find inner peace and strength, and teaches people to better understand their emotions and the emotions of others.

"It’s great to know there are people outside who understand and care that prisoners are also people." " This programme has helped me control my anger. I thank you for the effort and patience you showed in working with me."

"The programme helped me to communicate with others around me and to observe emotions.""I get angry less often now that I understand that I don’t actually have to." Prisoners at Vinařice prison and a graduates of the Mindfulness course.

Did you know?

  • that keeping a single person in prison for one month costs the state budget around CZK 40,000?
  • that there are over 20,000 convicted prisoners in the Czech Republic?
  • that there is a high level of recidivism in prisoners who do not work on themselves?
  • that each rescued prisoner represents savings of up to CZK 500,000 a year for the state budget?
  • that mindfulness programmes have been in operation in selected prisons in the USA since the 1980s?

How we develop mindfulness in prisons

  1. We contact social workers and the prison management to establish whether they are interested in developing mindfulness. We arrange an introductory familiarisation lesson for prison employees first. The mindfulness course for prison employees lasts eight weeks.
  2. We also run eight-week mindfulness courses for prison inmates. Cooperation with prison social workers means the inmates have the opportunity to develop their mindfulness skills daily throughout the course.
  3. We then assess both courses and arrange options for continuation.

Support prisoners to return to society

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