Yoga and mindfulness for the elderly

Caring for elderly people is a cornerstone of our culture. By means of yoga and mindfulness lessons, we help to improve the quality of life, support vitality and provide well-being through sharing. We organise regular exercise with experienced yoga and mindfulness instructors.

It is often sufficient to become more aware of your own body, which then starts to be healthier automatically. Yoga can even be practiced in a lying position in bed. The mere idea of a specific movement activates the muscle tissue in the area in focus, and improves blood circulation. Older people can give us so much valuable experience. Let’s help them retain their vitality and ability to share their joyful thoughts. One day, when they leave their body, they will have a smile on their faces showing that they enjoyed their time here.

“Thank you so much for the yoga. I find it so relaxing, and we have learned new exercises. I look forward to every Wednesday, because that is yoga day.” says Jiřina, 84 years old.

Let’s support elderly in practicing yoga

Regular practice is important to get the most out of yoga. Your continued support means that we are able to provide this practice and support to more and more elderly people. Please participate in this project with us. You can support this project by sending any donation to our transparent account: 2500914385/2010 or through a simple on-line payment below.


Contact person

Štěpánka Drozdová

Štěpánka Drozdová

Štěpánka is the one who keeps our main projects up and running - yoga and mindfulness courses for disadvantaged groups. She also enjoys communicating with donors. She is pleased her work makes other peoples’ lives richer and happier.