United in Silence: talks on meditation

We conduct video interviews on meditation with representatives of various contemporary spiritual traditions. Our ambition is to bring an insight into the essence of various mystical traditions and their approach to meditation practice. 

rozhovor Jan Benda 2021 Marek Šálek 19A taste of vipassana meditation with a psychotherapist and a former buddhist monk Jan Benda (right). To observe the activity of the mind in meditation is an adventure, Jan says.

We have already interviewed a Czech psychotherapist (a former buddhist monk), a Slovak protestant preacher (a Christian mystic), and a Dutch spiritual teacher, a modern mystic influenced by various paths from Osho to advaita. The interviews will be posted on our website and published in a printed collection.

Motto: "Silence and presence is a place where we can all meet in peace."

We want to show that the essence of meditation is the same, while the path may be different. We want to reveal the silence, calm and absolute presence contained behind all images and believes.

The videoed talks highlight why the people interviewed meditate, why and how they find it enriching, nourishing, essential... They also answer many other questions, for example about the interlink between meditation and psychotherapy, the difference between meditation and prayer, what is a satsang or what is the nature of consciousness.

Interview in progress: filming the Hussite preacher Juraj Dovala, who indulges in the realm of christian meditation. "Meditation is dwelling with God," Juraj told us.