Free mental hygiene course for health workers

Psychohygiena pro zdravotniky a pomahajici profese zdarma - podzim 2021

The Mindfulness Foundation brings a new eight-week long course of mental and psychic hygiene for health workers for free. It is online, but very interactive, and led by top experts, including the charming and cool Kasia Korda. How to prevent a burn-out and how not to go crazy in a comprehensive course. 

● 8 weeks long online course for free
● 2 hours weekly of a live broadcast
● supporting exercise in the meantime

Healthcare workers and other supporting professionals (social workers, therapists, but also police officers or firefighters) provide us with their aid in the moments when we need it. Let´s reach back to them and help them fuel up some life energy into their lives. 

Lack of time, emotional and mental overburdening and stress are an inevitable part of their work. 

8 weeks long on-line course 14 September - 2 November 2021

The course is focused on acquiring and developing of very practical psychohygiene habits and a long term burn-out syndrome prevention. It developes the ability of mindful self-regard and inner insight using various methods of cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness. 

After the course, the improvement is rapid in areas of mental resilience, burn-out prevention, emotion regulations, easing stress. finding inner harmony, contentment and sufficiency of mental strengths. The course is led by a psychologist, therapist and a leading mindfulness instructor Katarzyna Korda Jedzoková.

Kasia Korda



Contact person:

Markéta Černoušková, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 606 626 610

Financial support:

The course is financed by the Mindfulness Foundation. You may support us by a donation here. Any amount is warmly welcome.

Thank you.


Psychohygiena pro zdravotníky a pomáhající profese