Mindfulness course for teachers


Mindfulness course for teachers

The goal of the programme is to transfer to teachers the basics of the mindfulness programme through a whole-day training session. They are guided through simple attention-improving techniques and the possibilities of application into day-to-day teaching practice and their relationships with their pupils:
to help them be more conscious, more open, kinder, more accessible and more charismatic teachers.

„I have long searched for something meaningful, and thanks to you was able to attend a seminar that not only met my expectations, but also directed me personally towards meaningful work with children. I am convinced that the development of mindfulness is meaningful and, most importantly, extremely necessary not only for our pupils, but for us, the adults, too.”
V. Kopřivová, teacher at Meruzalka Primary School

Practical information

Target group: teachers at primary and secondary schools.
Lector: Mgr. Monika Stehlíková, MBA (www.monikastehlikova.cz).

This course is fully paid for by the Mindfulness Foundation after the following motivational questions are answered:

  1. Describe the situation in your school/class.
  2. What do you see as the benefit of mindfulness?
  3. How can mindfulness benefit the children in your school/class?
  4. What benefits can those around you get from this project?


Support teachers in their efforts

Please participate in this project with us. You can support this project by sending any donation to our transparent account: 2500914385/2010 or through a simple on-line payment below.

  • For CZK 750 you can enable 1 teacher to gain new knowledge to develop pupil awareness.
  • For CZK 1500 you will support at least 50 children in developing mindfulness thanks to their trained teachers.

The benefits of mindfulness for teachers

  • It calms and reduces stress;
  • anxiety and tension;
  • improves attention and concentration;
  • psychological resilience;
  • emotional balance;
  • cognitive flexibility and satisfaction.

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