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Yoga and mindfulness for the elderly

Balance, calmness and inner strength, but also improving physical condition and greater happiness. By practicing yoga in a sitting or lying position, we help the elderly to retain their vitality.


Mindfulness into prisons

Gaining strength, improving concentration and mindfulness. We help people returning from prison to society. We see them as strong and important personalities.


Yoga into children’s homes

Breathe properly. Draw in a deep breath and gain new energy. Children without parents need our support. Let’s be partners for them as they develop.


United in Silence: talks on meditation

"Silence and presence is the place where we can all meet in peace." That is a motto of our project, which brings video talks on meditation. We interview people of various spiritual traditions.


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Free mental hygiene course for health workers

We bring a new eight-week long on-line course of mental and psychic hygiene for health workers for free. Live broadcast, interactive and with the coolest lecturer, our popular Kasia.

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Translation and publication of the book ‘The Truth Is’

We will be publishing a book entitled ‘The Truth Is’. It is a unique collection of wisdom-rich conversations with Sri H. W. L. Poonja (Papaji).


Yoga and mindfulness into schools

A liberating supplement to regular school teaching. Let’s give children new knowledge through awareness of their own inner feelings in a natural manner.


The Wisdom of Trauma Film: We Are Partners!

We are all stricken by trauma more than we may be able to imagine. By individual trauma, transgenerational and collective. We bring The Wisdom of Trauma film into the Czech Republic and Slovakia and we initiated a wider discussion towards trauma informed society.

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Mindfulness course for teachers

We organise and support a mindfulness course for teachers at primary and secondary schools.


I established the Foundation to help shift our society towards greater understanding and harmony. I also feel a need to help people in difficulties.

Om. Yes, a wonderful intention in this transformational time. Yes.

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Filip Morávek
CEO Easy Software Ltd.


Jiří Čáp „Chorche“


The Foundation’s mission is to support full consciousness in all beings.
We can develop full consciousness by practicing yoga and mindfulness.
We support the personal development of children in children’s homes.
We organise training courses for teachers. We participate in the promotion of mindfulness in schools and in prisons.


Marek Šálek
Marek Šálek

I am responsible for the balanced operation of the Foundation to ensure implementation of individual projects and making most effective use of our donors’ funds.

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Marketa Cernouskova
Markéta Černoušková

I am honoured to be a part of the executive team and promote what I have passion for - self-devolepment, self-healing, spiritual growth, yoga, mindfulness, meditation. I do PR, communication and organization of events, and I am an avid promoter of international cooperation with like-minded partners all over the world. 

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